TE 449 SPR available to purchase.
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TE 449 SPR available to purchase.

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TE 449 SPR available to purchase.

TE 449 SPR available to purchase.

Husqvarna’s latest E2 class production bike forms the basis for our rally special. Building on the revolutionary G 450 X built by parent company BMW, the Husqvarna has been developed and refined into a fantastic race bike. The bike starts with a very good basis for a rally machine, and with much improved Öhlins suspension, frame design as well as the excellent electronics that BMW introduced, it results in an extremely reliable and tough machine.

Using the experience Simon gained from the 2011 Dakar rally, the bike has been refined and redeveloped to create what will be one of the strongest and most reliable race bikes in the field.The team are working closely with Safari Tanks of Australia and Bianchi Prata Racing from Portugal to developing unique tanks that remove the sub-frame to solve the major issue Simon suffered from in last year’s Dakar rally. The similarities of the Husqvarna allow for us to continue the development from last years bike to create a strong, reliable, comfortable and rideable race bike that can only come about from years of experience.

The bike is one the lightest, most nimble and easy to ride rally bikes about and with a strong, reliable six-speed gear box it’s a proven finisher. With one Dakar of testing by former factory rider Pedro Bianchi Prata and Simon’s time spent on the BMW the knowledge gained on the bike has shown that it is incredibly strong in stock trim and needs just a few minor modifications to be Dakar worthy.

The addition of Factory Öhlins suspension takes the bike to another level too. In an environment where your suspension can be the difference between finishing and going home on an aeroplane there is no better option than to use best suspension you can afford. With settings straight from the factory, that have been gained through their own testing with riders such as David Casteu and the best steering damper on the market, Öhlins really is the best privateer choice.

This truly is one of the best prepared privateer bikes, the level of detail that comes from the Simon’s expertise and considerable Dakar experiences have culminated in a Dakar bike that is fit for purpose. Strong, fast, reliable with fantastic suspension and great looks, the TE 449 SPR is as good to ride as anything else on the market. On top of this Simon and Chief mechanic Evan Davies have worked extremely hard to produce a bike that is as easy as possible to work on, by making the entire bike incredibly simple. The TE 449 SPR is a work of art.

If you are interested in finding out more about the TE 449 SPR, or are interested in purchasing one, please send an email to office@offroadskills.com or call us on 01639 845 841.

Spec Sheet.


Model:TE 449.


Engine Type:Liquid cooled, twin cam, 4 valve single cylinder.

Additional Cooling:Twin Radiator Fans. Castrol Motorcycle Coolant.

Wet weight: (including fuel):149 KG.

Protection Parts: Force Accessories Radiator Braces and Clutch Slave Cover.

Oils: Castrol Power 1 Racing 4T 10W-40.

Handguards: Barkbusters VPS Handgaurds

Handlebars and clamps: Magura Braceless Bars - MX2 BEnd

Front Forks: Öhlins TTX 48mm.

Rear Shock: Öhlins TTX.

Battery: SuperB 5200 Lithium Ion.

Front Brake: All Bike Engineering Oversize 300mm petal disc.

Rear Brake: All Bike Engineering 240mm wave disc.

Lighting: Trailtech Led Headlight and Trip meter.

Fuel Capacity: 26 Litres.

Wheels: Michelin Desert Tyres. Michelin Bib Mousse.

Drivetrain:X-Ring Chain. TM Designworks Chain guide.

Graphics: Fusion MX Graphics.

Price: £16 650 + VAT

Originally Posted on November 25th, 2012

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