COVID-19 Update
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COVID-19 Update

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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update


Off Road Skills – Customer Notice 22nd March 2020.

Given the rapidly emerging nature of the medical challenge that we all face in the coming months with Corona Virus, Off Road Skills and BMW UK have decided to postpone courses and activities up until the end of May. This difficult decision was reached following Government and legal advice.

As we mentioned in our previous notice, our courses do take place in an outdoor environment and we had planned many precautions and changes to allow the courses to run with limited social contact involved.

However, at this time as the nation and the world pull together to fight this pandemic, we feel it is the morally correct thing to do to postpone all events.

At the time of writing the virus is spreading across the country and across the world with increasingly devastating consequences. We share the afflicted families’ sorrow and as thousands of people suffer, we feel it is inappropriate to be organising sporting events.

Additionally, we live and work in a small rural population which, as many of you already know, is open and welcoming to all of you in normal times. However, with a large number of elderly and vulnerable people in our community and very limited Medical and Hospital resources, it is untimely to be inviting you from all over the UK until the current crisis subsides. We are all thankful for your patience and support in these difficult times.

We at Off Road Skills appeal to our past, present and future customers that now is a time to stay home and not ride their motorcycles or drive their cars unnecessarily – as you know there are risks to yourself and others. If you’re injured while travelling, you will use valuable medical resources, potentially preventing others from receiving life-saving treatment.

Once updated advice allows, we will re-open the course dates at the earliest reasonable time. We are already making plans to add additional dates later in the season and look forward to riding with you soon.

All bookings for the next two months (until the end of May) will automatically be transferred to vouchers and given a voucher code.

As soon as we are able to re-open the courses all voucher holders will be offered the new dates and any vacant places available prior to them being made public.

Each month we will review the situation.

This will happen automatically so you DON’T need to contact us.

The opportunity for voucher holders to claim a new course date will be given absolute priority over cancellations and new public bookings.

All forward bookings’ funds are always retained in a secure “client” account, so you can trust your course or event booking funds are protected.

Of course, if you wish to cancel your course, we will return the full value of your course fee, but you will not be eligible to re-book until voucher claimants have redeemed their vouchers. At this point we will put the courses back on general sale.

In closing, keep yourself safe and we look forward to riding with you all in the near future.

Yours Sincerely,

Simon Pavey

Linley Sullivan-Pavey

All the team here at Off Road Skills

At BMW Off Road Skills, we value the friendships we grow and the community spirit we create. At this difficult time, we want to play our part with you, to come together with the country to safeguard the health of our friends, families and communities.

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