BMW GS Challenge

6th - 8th September 2024

  • · Open to all ability levels
  • · Off Road Skills bikes supplied for all off-road challenges
  • · Ride your own BMW motorcycle for the road challenges
  • · Entry Fee includes three nights’ camping
  • · Optional off-road sections on the route

A fun-filled weekend packed with riding, navigating, camping, and competition. Two days of riding around the beautiful Welsh mountains, following a road book and tackling challenges along the way.

For many, the BMW Motorrad GS Challenge will be about great riding, enjoying the challenges and having a load of fun on their bikes. But for those with a competitive side, we’ll be totting up the points and announcing which riders make it through to the final where they’ll compete for some great prizes.

The event is suitable for riders of all abilities and levels. The open event will involve a range of enjoyable on and off-road riding challenges, as well as practical, teamwork and navigation tests on the stunning roads around the region. Importantly, the event is not a race, but an experience designed to capture the spirit of the GS, the exploration and enjoyment that adventure riding should bring.

At the end of a full days' riding on Saturday, navigating the Welsh mountains and riding the famous Walters Arena, sit back, enjoy a beverage and an evening of entertainment, tales of the day’s exploits and delicious food. Sunday’s ride takes in yet more of the stunning roads in the area before arriving back at Walters Arena. There will be various workshops, ride outs and activities to complete before the finalists are announced.

If you're in the final be ready to be challenged. If you're not, grab that beverage and be ready to be entertained.

At this point these riders will put their skills to the test in front of the judges and the public, in an exciting, spectator-friendly competition. When the dust has settled and the last rider has crossed the finish line, we’ll announce the winners.