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2018 GS Challenge – Regulations

Conditions of entry

BMW Motorrad GS Challenge

Walters Arena, Wales, Sunday 27th / Monday 28th May 2018

Event Organiser: Off Road Skills

Event Format

The BMW Motorrad GS Challenge 2018 will be a fun competition event designed for all owners of BMW motorcycles to enjoy.

The event is designed for and open to all owners of BMW motorcycles.

You will need to come to the event and participate in all the road based activities on your own BMW motorcycle, and we will provide Off Road Skills BMW GS bikes for you to use for the off-road challenges. While Off Road Skills BMW GS bikes are supplied free of charge; it is a condition of entry that we may charge for damages in the case where our staff team’s instructions and/or the event rules are not followed and/or abusive use of the motorcycle causes damage to the motorcycle.

The BMW Motorrad GS Challenge 2018 is an event designed for motorcycling enthusiasts who wish to experience the sporting challenge of the “GS” with like-minded individuals. There is particular emphasis on the fact that this is not a racing event.

The event is not a timed competition, although time limits will be in place. It is a test of team work, mental and physical ability; combined with riding skills over varying terrain.

Some of the challenges may involve tests of:

  • Technical riding skill both on and off-road
  • Navigation
  • Mechanical competence
  • Team work

All the challenges are designed to be enjoyable and will be devised so that all riders of all abilities can try them.

In order to take part in the competition, participants must be prepared to subject themselves to challenges that go beyond everyday motorcycling. This includes dirt and mud as determined by the weather and as is common in off-road motorcycle activities.

Competitors will be challenged with riding various different course sections and tasks. These tasks may be designed to test motorcycling skills and/or knowledge as well as other tasks that may have nothing to do with motorcycling whatsoever.

All participants will take part during the full day of Sunday 27th May and in the morning of Monday 28th May.

The results from this will determine who will compete in the finals of the BMW Motorrad GS Challenge on the afternoon of Monday 28th May.

We will be looking for approximately 12 people to compete in the finals on Bank Holiday Monday 28th May 2018 in the Walters Arena Motorsport Complex. The Organisers reserve the right to select the cut-off based on the scores, and so the final numbers may vary.

These top riders will compete on standard GS motorcycles provided by the Organiser on a revised course that will require all their skills.

There will be a retailer team competition also and the top three teams will take part in a head-to-head final on the Monday, after the individual finals.

We would encourage all non-finalists to stay and cheer on their fellow competitors in the thrilling finale.


The entry fee is £99 per participant and includes:

  • Entry to the GS Challenge
  • Competition fees
  • Route notes and challenges
  • Use of BMW GS bikes for off-road challenges including fuel.
  • Results and presentation

The entry fees exclude:

  • Fuel for your own BMW motorcycle
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Travel or transport to and from the event base near Ystradgynlais, Wales.
  • Any catering food and drinks
  • Accommodation
BMW Retailer Team Entries:
  • A BMW retailer may enter a Team consisting of 3 or 4 riders
  • The normal entry fee applies for each rider
  • One team member may be a retailer’s staff member and their entry will be free
  • There is no separate team entry fee
  • There will be prize(s) for the retailer Team competition


Saturday 26th

16:00 hrs                        Arrival and sign on – Teams

18:00 hrs                       Arrival and sign on – Individual Participants

21:00 hrs                        Sign on closes

Sunday 27th

08:00 hrs                        Briefing

09:00 hrs                        First rider departs

tbc hrs                        Final check closes

Monday 28th

09:00 hrs                        First rider departs

11:45 hrs                        Last rider arrives at Walters Arena

12:00 hrs                        Finalists announced, lunch

13:00 hrs                        Individual finals

14:15 hrs                        Team head-to-head finals start

15:15 hrs                        Final Presentations and Prize Giving

Conditions of entry

  1. Competitors must hold a valid licence for riding their motorcycle in the UK.
  2. Competitors must be a current owner of a BMW motorcycle.
  3. The event is designed for hobby and amateur motorcyclists. Riders competing as experts, or above, in any form of off-road motorcycling, should not take part. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse or accept entries without dispute.
  4. Participants are responsible for providing their own protective clothing, which must be worn at all times and must include:
  • Helmets must be ECE 22-05 or equivalent and in good condition.
  • Gloves should be lightweight and offer dexterity in the fingers, so that you can use the motorcycle controls. A warm set of gloves is recommended for the road sections in case of adverse weather.
  • Most textile type road jackets and trousers are fine, providing the quilted layer can be removed, as you may get hot during some of the challenges.
  • Boots MUST be off-road motocross/enduro boots.
  1. All entrants must be physically capable of riding a motorcycle off-road.
  2. By entering the event, the participant agrees to abide by these conditions of entry.
  3. Off Road Skills / BMW Motorrad UK reserves the right to charge the participant for damage to the Organiser’s motorcycles through breach of the rules as outlined above.
  4. Any employee of BMW Group companies or associated companies, their agents or anyone professionally connected with them may take part in the event but are not eligible to qualify for the individual final.
  5. Off Road Skills Ltd staff or anyone professionally connected with them are not eligible to participate.


  1. A briefing will be given to all participants on the day of the competition where the final instructions relating to the course will be outlined.
  2. Participants are offered the opportunity of not partaking in any stage or obstacle and can decline to take any test; instead they will receive the maximum penalty points for this test.
  3. The Organiser’s rules are to be adhered to at all times. Infringements or riding on unauthorised tracks is strictly forbidden and will result in exclusion from the event.
  4. Infringements of conditions and endangering any other participant can also result in a competitor being excluded from the event and the venue.
  5. Participants are required to follow a defined route that is largely asphalt. Along this route, participants will find a number of special tests which also act as check points. The entire main course can be completed on normal road tyres. Optional off-road sections on the route are rideable at the rider’s discretion and require suitable tyres.
  6. Participants are responsible for their own fuel supply.
  7. Participation is only permitted with a licensed and insured motorcycle in sound technical condition. The Organiser reserves the right to exclude any vehicle that is in a questionable technical state.
  8. The Highway Code is to be adhered to at all times. Infringements or riding on unauthorised tracks will result in exclusion from the event.
  9. Friends, family and associates of competitors are welcome to attend the event and support competitors. However, any breach of the rules or the spirit of the event by anyone associated with a competitor will result in that competitor being excluded from the event.
  10. Walters Arena Motorsport Complex is private land and only those people registered in the event have permission to be on the venue. Guests of competitors may only enter the property to drive or ride to or from the car park by the sign posted route. No free riding is permitted. No dirt bikes are permitted and will be seized by the police. Any person driving on Walters without permission will have their registration taken and passed to the police. Action against trespassing is always taken by the landowners.
  11. Walters Arena Motorsport Complex is private land and not open to the public. Do not come and try to ride here at other times or dates. Any person driving on Walters Arena without permission will have their registration taken and passed to the police. Action against trespassing is always taken by the landowners.
  12. Previous winners of GS Trophy Events are eligible to take part in the event, but will not be allowed to qualify for the final challenges.
  13. Protests: Any queries or protests regarding scoring should be reported to the sign-in tent on Walters for the off-road challenges, or the finish line scorer for all other challenges. Scoring queries regarding the questions around the route and Monday morning’s challenges should be reported to the Chief Scorer within 15 minutes of the finalists being announced at Walters Arena. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure their scores are recorded accurately on their scorecard. The Organiser’s decision is final and no discussion will be entered into.

Booking and Payments

The Organiser is restricting the number of entrants to the UK GS Challenge 2018 event to a maximum of 180. Entries will be accepted on a first come served basis.

All bookings are on the basis that the participant will, at all times, observe the safety regulations set by the Organisers. Failure to observe the event rules may lead to exclusion from the event. Participants so excluded will not receive a refund.

  • All bookings for the BMW Motorrad GS Challenge (and any BMW Off Road Skills courses and events) can be made online at, or via the World of BMW hotline number – 08000 131 282 – and are on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Payments are to be made by the following cards only – Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Solo and UK Maestro.  We are unable to accept any other cards.  Customers’ payments will be taken at the time of booking and processed by Off Road Skills Ltd. The event fee will appear as Off Road Skills Limited on the customer’s bank statement.
  • BMW Off Road Skills will send out an email confirmation to the customer after the booking and payment process is complete.

Cancellation of booking by the customer

All bookings must be paid in full at the time of booking and are NOT refundable or transferable.

During the GS Challenge, if you are unable to continue with the event, for whatever reason, then no refund will be given.

Terms and Conditions

  • If the Organiser is required to make changes to the event programme or to cancel or terminate the event due to a force majeure or official directive or for safety reasons, the Organiser is not liable to the participant for damages in any way. The participation fee cannot be refunded in this case.
  • Participants consent to any photographs, films and interviews made in connection with their involvement in the event being distributed and published on the radio, television, internet, print media, books, and by means of photomechanical reproduction without claim to remuneration, including publication for advertising purposes. No personal details will be passed on to third parties.
  • All photo and filming rights for all activities taking place during the GS Challenge remain the property of the Organiser.
    Permission must be obtained in writing before any photography or filming takes place and before any publication of any such media.
    The Organiser, through their ownership of GS Challenge and all media rights, reserve the right to make a charge for this permission.

Event participants must bring the following documentation to the event:

1)     Their UK Driving Licence photocard. 
Customers who are not residents of the UK and wish to participate must hold a full and valid motorcycle driving licence, which is legally valid for riding a motorcycle in the UK.

2)     A current British Passport

3)     A V5 document providing proof of ownership of a BMW motorcycle (colour photocopies are acceptable)

4)     An insurance cover note for the BMW motorcycle

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