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Bike Rentals – Terms and Conditions

Hire Bikes Terms & Conditions

  1. Rental periods are measured in 24-hour blocks.  For example, collecting a motorcycle at 9am on a one-day rental and returning it at 10am the following day would incur an additional charge as the period is in excess of 24 hours.
  2. In the event that the customer cancels giving less than 30 days notice, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee, which will be a minimum of one day’s rental fee or 50% of the rental fee for the period of the hire for rentals of more than two days.
  3. The customer must produce original copies of their driving licence and any other form of documentation we require prior to the rental period commencing.  We typically require a driving licence, a current credit card and either a utility bill (less than three months old) or a passport (this is compulsory for non-UK residents).
  4. We operate a fair use mileage policy.  If you plan to exceed 300 miles per day (on average over the term of your rental) you must inform us in advance in order to avoid any additional mileage charges (at 10p per mile).
  5. The customer must inform us promptly of notification to them by any relevant authority of any traffic offence or parking violation whilst the motorcycle is in their care.
  6. In the event of damage to the motorcycle whilst it is rented to you, you are liable for the damage up to the excess limit of £1,000, as indicated in the rental contract.  Repairs to damaged motorcycles are carried out in our own workshop and in accordance with BMW best practice.
  7. No motorcycle rented to you under this agreement may be used ‘off-road’ or on non-metaled roads.
  8. The motorcycle may not be used for any form of competition or carriage of goods or persons for hire or reward.
  9. The motorcycle may not be ridden by any person except the Hirer within the rental period.
  10. The motorcycle must remain within the United Kingdom at all times.  It may not be taken outside the United Kingdom without our prior written consent and we may apply an additional insurance charge for such use outside the United Kingdom. In the event we agree to the motorcycle leaving the United Kingdom, it may not be used in any country outside the member states of the European Union, Switzerland and Norway.
  11. You must inform us immediately if you are involved in an accident involving the motorcycle (and you must provide insurance details to any other party involved and make a statement to the police if anyone suffers any injury in an accident). You also agree that you will co-operate with any reasonable request from us or our insurers to provide statements and other information in respect of any accident.
  12. All tools, tyres and accessories must be returned at the end of the rental period in the same condition as they went out, fair wear and tear excepted.
  13. If at any time damage or fault should arise so as to make the motorcycle unroadworthy or unsafe to ride, it must not be ridden and Off Road Skills should be informed immediately.
  14. When left unattended the keys must be removed from the vehicle and the steering lock applied, otherwise the Hirer will be responsible for any theft of the vehicle. The Hirer is expected to take all reasonable precautions against theft.
  15. You agree that we may take payment from the credit card you have supplied for any amounts due under the rental agreement, including any excess charge for damage incurred whilst the motorcycle is in your care or any fines levied during the rental period in respect of motoring offences or parking violations.
  16. You acknowledge that we provide no personal accident insurance, health insurance or other similar insurance.
  17. Riders must be between 25 and 65 years of age, have held their full license for a minimum of 24 months and not have any serious motoring convictions (eg IN10, DR10, CD10). Riders over 65 years old can be accommodated, subject to a referral to our insurance company.
  18. An additional insurance charge may apply for riders with more than 6 penalty points on their license or who have been involved in a fault accident in the last three years.

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