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Brake Magazine – How to cross rivers

We’ve been working closely with our buddies over at Brake Magazine to create a series of ‘How To…’ features. The aim is to share some of the tricks and tips we’ve learnt over the years to make adventure bikes even more enjoyable. This week, we have a feature on how to cross rivers – there’s more to it than just holding the throttle wide open and seeing who can make the biggest splash.

We all pick a duff line sooner or later. Instructor Simon finds a wheel-sized hole in a Portuguese river.

For the full article, head on over to Brake Magazine and see how to get your feet wet and keep your cylinders dry. And once you’re ready to put it into practice, come and speak to us about our Icelandic Adventure – they’ve got more river crossings over there than Scotland has midges.

Big splashes impress nobody. Except that guy there with the camera, he loves it.

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