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GS Trophy 2015 UK – entries now open

The entries for the GS Trophy 2015 UK are now open, so get your name down and come join us for a fantastic day out on your BMW motorcycle. Now none of us really needs much of an excuse to go and play on our bikes, but we’re sure you’ll have a few questions.

What is the GS Trophy?

The GS Trophy is a fun-for-all event that gets you out and about on your own bike, tackling a range of challenges as you go. At the end of the first day, the top points scorers will be announced and they’ll go through to day two. If you make the cut, day two involves tougher riding challenges to pick the final three who will be competing for a fantastic adventure riding prize.

How hard is it?

The idea of the GS Trophy isn’t to push you to your very limits, rather to provide an enjoyable challenge for all. Riding skill plays an important part if you wish to succeed, but teamwork and good navigation are just as important.

When is it?

The event runs over the bank holiday weekend from 23rd – 25th May 2015, with signing on Saturday evening, the main event on Sunday and the final decider challenges on the Monday. We’re also running a Skills Development Day on the Saturday to give you a chance to sharpen up your riding skills ahead of the event.

For more information, have a look at our GS Trophy page here, or if you’re already convinced, click here to book on.


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